“The Red Sleeve” Actress Lee Se Young Has 2PM’s Junho As Her Phone Wallpaper And Here’s Why

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to look at Junho’s face?

Although The Red Sleeve stopped airing a bit ago, fans of the show are still raving about the chemistry between 2PM‘s Junho and actress Lee Se Young.

The drama is set in a historical time period, where Junho’s character, prince Yi San and later king Jeongjo, falls in love with the court lady, Uibin Sung, played by Se Young.

The Red Sleeve promotional photo

Both actors got to showcase their wide acting range throughout the drama, which alternated between heartfelt, dramatic scenes and more adorable romantic ones.

But recently, actress Se Young explained part of her method acting for establishing the chemistry between her character and Junho’s.

The Red Sleeve promotional photo

The whole cast was invited to participate in a variety show, which mostly centers around Se Young and Junho, sharing their experiences filming The Red Sleeve.

Lee Se Young as Uibin Sung

And in a new episode of the show, Se Young admitted to setting one of Junho’s pictures as her phone background.

For months, she had the famous idol set as her wallpaper, just like how many K-Pop fans set their bias as their background.

2PM’s Junho | @le2jh/Instagram

The actress hoped that she could more accurately show desperation and affection for Junho’s character by often looking at the photo.

| @le2jh/Instagram

And clearly, Se Young’s logic was sound given the on-screen chemistry the two characters shared.

But the method is undoubtedly unique, and her fellow cast members got a good laugh out of it.

Source: KDRAMA Stars