Red Velvet Danced To Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop” With A Secret Choreography of Their Own

On Weekly Idol, Red Velvet discovered that their “Russian Roulette” choreography fit perfectly with HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” song!

Jung Hyung Don explained how SHINee’s “Replay” choreography perfectly fit Lee Hyori’s “U Go Girl”, and suggested that Red Velvet try matching their dance to another artist’s song.

After taking a moment to decide, the girls picked HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” as the song that would best fit their choreography.

As the girls completed their routine, it almost felt as if their “Russian Roulette” dance was made for the song!

Their unified dance routine was perfectly executed as they made zero mistakes and consistently kept on the same beat.

This special collaboration was all that fans needed in their lives!

Watch the girls dance to “Bubble Pop” in the video below!

Source: Star News