Red Velvet Irene’s Face Is Trending Online for Being the Most Popular in Plastic Surgery Clinics

Plastic surgeons have explained why her face is the most popular.

In the past, Red Velvet‘s Irene was mentioned in various polls of the trendiest faces picked by plastic surgeons, and recently, her photos have resurfaced online for the very same reason.

Irene’s photos have been trending online along with the reasons why her photos are the most often brought to plastic surgery clinics as examples.

On previous variety shows, plastic surgeons explained why Irene’s facial features are so desired.

Her eyes aren’t overly vibrant, but the inside and outside of her eyes connect with a natural line that makes for an overall beautiful outline.

– Plastic surgeon

Although her nose isn’t very high, the outline is so distinct that her nose is almost 100% perfect.

– Plastic surgeon

According to plastic surgeons, aiming to look like Irene also leads to the best results.

When we do surgeries to make patients look like Irene, they turn out with the most natural styles.

– Plastic surgeon

Netizens responded to the not so surprising information with comments such as “She’s so pretty that I want to look like her, too” and “Maybe I should go to a plastic surgeon with her photo, too“.

Source: Insight