Red Velvet Fans Furious With SM Entertainment Due To Lack Of Fanclub

It will be hard for ReVeluvs to join “R to V” ticket pre-sale.

Red Velvet fans have, over the years, had their fair share of frustrations with SM Entertainment‘s treatment of their favorite group. The latest one seems to be related to the group’s upcoming Japan dates for their R to V concert.

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R to V will be held on April 1 and 2 in Seoul, with the girl group performing in front of a sold-out KSPO Dome crowd full of 15,000 fans. The concert will be Red Velvet’s first concert in three years, as their last one, La Rouge, was cut short due to COVID-19.

Red Velvet during “La Rouge” | SM Entertainment

The second day of the concert will also be streamed on Beyond Live, making it possible for fans all over the world to witness this amazing moment together.

The members have been teasing fans with a lot of information, from posting clips of them practicing songs on YouTube, to sharing selfies and videos of them working hard in the practice room. All five seem to be extremely excited to greet fans with a concert after such a long time.

Other than Seoul, SM Entertainment also announced two dates in Yokohama, Japan. The group will perform at the Pia Arena MM on May 3 and 4. While Japanese Reveluvs are delighted to hear this, they would soon find out some bad news regarding tickets, with a big problem being caused by the lack of an official fan club in Japan.

Red Velvet’s pastel coral ocean in Japan. | @RedVelcroBr/Twitter

On March 17, Red Velvet’s Japanese Twitter account posted a tweet with information regarding the pre-sale of R to V tickets. The tweet essentially revealed that only members of the SMTOWN OFFICIAL JAPAN fan club members would be able to join the pre-sale.

Since the group doesn’t have an official fan club, this meant that, if ReVeluvs want to participate in the ticket pre-sale for R to V, they have to be members of another SM artist’s fan club. This also gives priority to other SM artists’ fans over Red Velvet’s own fans.

ReVeluvs have faced similar issues before due to this “negligence” by SM Entertainment. They were the only fanbase unable to use priority for SMCU Express in Japan, thus, making it harder for their Japanese fans to get tickets for the show. Fans even tried to sign a petition to get a response from SM Entertainment regarding their missing fan club, sadly, to no avail.

Upon finding out the news, the ReVeuv fandom was enraged. Many took to Twitter to share their frustrations. Some fans said this feels like a “slap in the face”, others noted that the lack of a fan club doesn’t make sense as this will be the fourth time Red Velvet successfully holds concerts in Japan.

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