ReVeluvs Are Claiming That Red Velvet’s Stylists Have Finally Gotten Something Right

“Here’s a friendly reminder for you to breathe after seeing those photos.”

In the past, Red Velvet‘s stylists have found themselves in hot water with fans because of some fashion choices but it seems that their luck is changing for the better.


Ever since Red Velvet came back with “Power Up”, ReVeluvs have been super impressed with the style choices picked out for the girls and have been sending some major love to the stylists!


While all the girls look beyond fabulous, fans have especially been appreciating the visuals that Seulgi and Wendy have been bringing this comeback.


From their excellent concepts they’ve shown on stage…


To their airport fashion…


Fans are claiming this era belongs to Wendy and Seulgi!


Before this era, ReVeluvs weren’t happy with the girls’ outfit choices at all. They believed they were either too revealing and uncomfortable for them or didn’t fit the members’ body types but now they think they’ve finally got things right.


The girls look so amazing and their fashion truly reflects just what goddesses they truly are.


Once fans got a glimpse of them they couldn’t stop gushing over their visuals!

  • “Seriously, I didn’t know both were so pretty…”

  • “Seulgi is a model type. She’s so cool!”

  • “QUEENS! They are so gorgeous!”

  • “Here’s a friendly reminder for you to breathe after seeing those photos.”

  • “I love these two but their styling can seriously be a miss. I loved their red carpet looks during “Peek-A-Boo” but not during “Bad Boy” because the coordi pushed them to too hard to be sexy. But it seems like they are back on a good track again!”


And we can’t blame anyone for falling head over heels for the girls because they truly do look fantastic!

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