Red Velvet Fawned Over The Adorable Kid Dancer Haeun During The Mass Performance Of “Zimzalabim”

Red Velvet went full older sister mode as soon as they saw her.

K-Pop dance YouTuber GoToe and kid dancer Na Haeun were invited to be a part of Red Velvet‘s mass performance of “Zimzalabim” in public. GoToe uploaded the behind the scenes footage in a vlog on June 28. As soon as the ladies of Red Velvet spotted Haeun, Joy ran over to hug her.

Once the rest of the girls make their way over they’re all enamored with how cute Haeun is.

Joy remained joined at the hip with the kid dancer, only letting her go momentarily.

Even after Red Velvet had gone to rehearse, they still looked on sweetly and proudly as Haeun and GoTeo practiced.

When showtime came, Haeun delivered an amazing performance and looked like a smaller 6th member of the group.

Watch the full behind the scenes vlog below:

Red Velvet