Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, And F(x)’s Most “Experimental” Title Tracks

You either love them or hate them.

At times, K-Pop groups release songs with beats that they have never tried before. It is also possible that these songs were a first in the K-Pop industry. Love it or hate it, the following energetic title tracks are considered “out of the ordinary” for these three SM Entertainment girl groups, according to netizens.

Check them out below!

1. f(x)

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F(x)‘s “Nu ABO” was released on May 4, 2010. It is described as an electropop dance song, and it is a play on the words “New Blood Type”, with A, B, and O being blood types. F(x) wished to send the message that they are “new blood” to the K-Pop world.

Even though it was a different kind of song from the ones other idol groups were releasing, many fans thought it was “addictive and cool“.

2. Girls’ Generation

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I Got A Boy

The music video of Girls’ Generation‘s “I Got A Boy” was released at the start of 2013. Its genre is classified as bubblegum pop, and fans love how unique the song is because of its many layers.

If anyone could pull off this kind of song, it’s definitely Girls’ Generation!

3. Red Velvet

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Red Velvet‘s “Zimzalabim” was released on June 19, 2019. It is primarily an EDM-influenced electropop track that is reminiscent of a colorful parade.

Although some people thought the song was “shocking” to listen to at first, they described it as something that grew on them with time, and they loved how fun and catchy it is.

What do you think of these “experimental” title tracks?

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