Red Velvet has the most loving and supportive relationship in K-pop

Red Velvet loves to show that they’re one of the groups with the best chemistry between members.

With a nine year age gap between the oldest member, Irene and youngest, Yeri, one would suspect there would be a lot of awkwardness within Red Velvet but that is far from the case. The girls have shown incredible closeness and support of each other. Even after the addition of Yeri, Red Velvet stepped up to the plate and took good care of her.

Irene seemed to give off an untouchable air at first. As the leader, it’s harder for her to lean on the others when she is struggling. Joy even stated she was intimidated by her, but now she really is the mother figure of Red Velvet. She even irons Yeri’s school uniform.

At the beginning of their “Russian Roulette” performances, Seulgi said Joy often flirted with her. In order to test Seulgi’s resistance to charms, each member tested out their aegyo on stonewall Seulgi.

In the end, Seulgi broke down at Wendy‘s dad-like impression and Yeri revealed that “dad” is Seulgi’s nickname for Wendy.

Wendy really does take on the role of a dad and often takes care of the younger members, especially Joy. Whenever Joy is sick Wendy will accompany her on shows and gets her medicine.

The girls don’t just take care of each other like family they also party like best friends. Red Velvet is always fangirling together. They clearly have a lot of fun whenever they are driving about as they share their love for other groups in goofy and cute ways.

No matter where they are, Red Velvet always shows their cute and supportive sides when they interact with each other. Their bond is obviously a strong one!