Red Velvet’s Wendy Reveals The Hobby That Totally Lifts Her Mood Up

Her hobby has a lot of benefits.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy met with Marie Claire and shot an intriguing video! In her video, Wendy updated her fans on her current top ten favorite items as well as other personal aspects such as her favorite hobbies!

When asked what her favorite hobby is, Wendy’s face lit up! Without any hesitation, Wendy shared that she currently loves getting her nails done! She is always seen with the coolest nail art!

One of my favorite hobbies is nail art.

— Wendy

Wendy expressed that the hobby is a total mood changer for her! Self-care is always important and it seems like Wendy takes whatever chance she has to treat herself to some super cute nail art! Wendy also shared that, in addition to getting her nails done, she loves having conversations with her nail artist!

Getting my nails done changes my mood and also, chatting with my nail artist is so much fun for me.

— Wendy

Not only does nail art boost Wendy’s mood, but also helps stop the bad habit of biting her nails. What a great method to stopping nail-biting!

Oh, I had bitten my nails before. But now I have my nails grown out just like this. Therefore my favorite hobby is nail art.

— Wendy

No wonder why her nails are always so pretty! Check out just some of her many cute nail art she’s had!

| @RVsmtown/Twitter
| @RVsmtown/Twitter

Wendy’s nail art is gorgeous and Wendy herself is even more gorgeous! It’s always lovely to hear that your favorite idols take time to do activities that make them happy! When they’re happy, fans are happy!

Check out the video below:

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