Red Velvet Reveal Who Their Closest Female Friends Are In The Industry

No rivalry here!

Red Velvet guested on Kim Chang Ryul‘s Old School Cool radio show, where each of the members revealed the female idol they are personally close with.


A fan commented that Irene seemed close with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, and Irene said it was because the two often visit the same places.

“We went to the same salon. Right now we go to different ones but before, we were at the same one and she came up to me first, we became close after that. We also go out to eat together. But we can’t meet up often so we talk every so often. We also exercise together sometimes.”


Moving on to Wendy, she mentioned she’s recently gotten closer with gugudan’s Sejeong, even though they only communicate through e-mail since Sejeong does not have a cell phone.

“These days, for me it’s Kim Sejeong. We talk with each other.”


Kim Chang Ryul then went to Yeri, saying she has a lot of friends who are the same age but didn’t expect her answer to be Taeyeon.

“I’m close with Taeyeon. I sometimes will sleep over at her house. We play together at her house so we order delivery.


Seulgi built up a friendship with all of the members of “Idol Drama Operation Team” and is still close with them along with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

“I was in a web drama called “Idol Drama Operation Team” so I’m close with the members who were on the show with me and also with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.


Since all the members are close with other idols from different groups, they help each other with ideas. Yeri specifically mentioned getting help from IU.

“For me, it’s IU. I have always been interested in writing lyrics and composing songs so I’m really thankful to IU for helping me with that.”

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