Red Velvet Irene and Tiffany’s adorable sisterly relationship

Girls’ Generation Tiffany is seeing lots of love from Red Velvet fans after fan-cams captured her being the perfect older sister to Irene

Tiffany is one of the most veteran singers in the K-Pop industry today, but she still takes time to take care of her rookie label-mates! In a fan-cam that was taken at the KBS Entertainment Awards, Tiffany is seen leading Irene through a busy crowd and holding onto her the entire time

Tiffany comforting Irene during an emotional acceptance speech.

Tiffany has been training under SM Entertainment since she was 15, while Irene joined when she was 18. There’s no doubt that being SM Entertainment’s newest girl-group is an incredibly intimidating position to be in, and it looks like Tiffany makes that much, much easier!

They look like they could be in the same group!

Check out the adorable video below: