Red Velvet’s Irene Is a Total Autumn Goddess in These Recent Photos

Her outfit, makeup, and nails all scream “autumn”.

Red Velvet recently performed in Seoul where they graced their fans with their hit songs including “Umpah Umpah”.

Among all of the gorgeous members, Irene once again took the spotlight, but with her autumn look this time.

She wore a toned-down orange blouse with a skirt to match.


On top of her already autumn appropriate outfit, Irene topped it off with turquoise nails and warm-toned makeup that turned her into a total autumn goddess.

Of course, her natural beauty also contributed to her goddess-like visuals.

Irene could probably become the goddess of pretty much anything at this rate.

Check out the video for Red Velvet’s performance of “Umpah Umpah” below:


Source: Insight

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