This Girl Group Member Can Really Pull Off Huge Earrings But It’s Hard To Notice With Her Face In The Way

Try to focus on the earrings.

The thing about Red Velvet Irene‘s close up pictures is that her fans are always so mesmerized by her visual that they never really get the chance to recognize the accessories she’s wearing; Irene’s face has always outshined her earrings.


But Red Velvet’s Irene has pulled off some of the biggest, baddest earrings K-Pop has seen! She has been leading the trend with her wild and bold choices in accessorizing!


She flaunts these extra AF earrings so well, with her drop-dead gorgeous visuals, and fans are now noticing how fashionable she has been all this time!

What… I’ve seen this GIF a thousand times, I have never noticed that her earrings looked like that until now.

— Netizen


Unfortunately, while Irene’s earrings are super fancy and eye-catching, they can never beat Irene’s face in brilliance. It’s impossible for her fans to notice the earrings first, because Irene’s face will always get in the way!


But truth be told; Irene has quite the strong earring game. Fans have been so focused on Irene’s beauty that they never really got the chance to appreciate these trendy AF accessories!

Yeah, to be honest… when I think about the time I first saw these pictures, I don’t think I gave any thought to what earrings she was wearing. I was too busy praising her face.

— Netizen


And there seems to be no end to the type of earrings that Irene can pull off, from hoops…


… to ribbons! Irene can rock any accessory thrown her way and manages to look like a queen each time.


Now fans are having a blast going back through Irene’s photoshoots and checking out some of the funkiest earring styles she slayed.

I had no idea. I’ve always focused on her face, I never even recognized she’s wearing earrings. But these are beautiful, she looks so good in them!

— Netizen


Which one is your favorite? The correct answer would be, “All of the above”.

Source: THEQOO

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