Koreans Are Having A Hard Time Skipping Youtube Ads Because Of Red Velvet Irene

Who would ever dare skip an Irene commercial?

If you ever thought to yourself, why don’t we have a full out series where Red Velvet’s Irene is an incredible detective, Hyundai Motors’ new commercial is definitely going to scratch that itch.

Irene appeared in Hyundai’s latest commercial promoting its customer service, “Hyundai Advantage”, fully decked out in Sherlock Holmes gear. It began with her saying with much aegyo, “You were going to skip this ad? Please don’t!

Then her detective work began, trying to figure out what Hyundai customers were worried about, starting with a guy who wants a bigger car.

Then she went to listen to a woman worried about selling her used car.

And finally, she went to listen to a man worried about paying for his lease when he’s leaving the country.

Irene then changed out of her detective gear and put on a light blue blouse, a sight anyone would want to see at a car dealership.

Irene finished off this commercial with her irresistible aegyo, asking, “You will look up Hyundai Advantage, right?”

Netizens responded with nothing but love for Irene, saying that this is a commercial worth looking up just to see her.

“I didn’t know I’d look up a commercial so I could watch it multiple times.”

“I saw Irene saying, Don’t skip this ad, and skipped the video I was watching to look this commercial up.”

“Irene the CF Queen ♕ ❤❤❤❤”

“She’s so pretty so I couldn’t tell what the commercial was about.”

— Netizens’ Responses

Watch the full commercial below: