Red Velvet Irene Carries This Bag Around Everywhere Fans Finally Discover What It Is

She carries it around everywhere she goes.

Red Velvet’s Irene carried around the same bag everywhere she went and fans went crazy trying to figure out just which bag she had.

Little did fans know, Irene was using a bag that any Reveluv could have purchased!

Irene’s mysterious bag was the eco bag released during Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake” promotions.

Although this specific bag is now out of stock, Reveluvs can still purchase eco bags branded with Red Velvet’s more recent comebacks.

Irene was also asked about her eco bag at a fansign and laughed as her efforts to not get caught were futile.

“I worked hard flipping the bag over so you couldn’t see the logo, how did you find out?”

— Red Velvet Irene

Fans praised her for how cute she was in trying to hide her bag and for using Red Velvet’s goods.

“It was really cute when she looked ashamed that the fans found out.”

“Irene is really charming for using her own group’s goods.”

— Korean Netizens

Source: Dispatch