Irene Tried Eating A Bubble…And Immediately Regretted It

Her face says it all.

Red Velvet‘s Irene is living proof that even the wisest leaders can make poor decisions…like, for example, eating a soap bubble.


Like most mature, well-adjusted adults, Irene hasn’t outgrown her love for bubbles.


Whenever she sees bubbles, she can’t resist chasing…


…and playing with them…


…but eating bubbles? That’s new.


At an awards show, a fan captured this priceless clip of Irene eating a bubble. She regretted her decision the second its soap hit her tongue!


Fans aren’t sure what was going through Irene’s head at the time…


…but they are loving her hilarious reaction!


Irene’s adorable bubble eating attempt is just one more reason to love her!

Red Velvet