Irene’s Face Completely Changes When She’s in Front of Her Fans

If you don’t love her already, these photos will win you over.

In recent days, multiple photos of Red Velvet‘s Irene at fan signing events have surfaced in online communities.

Following Red Velvet’s release of new songs such as “Bad Boy”, “Power Up”, and “RBB”, Irene attended many fan signing events.

At these fan signing events, Irene is seen giving out autographs and chatting with her fans.

Every time she looks at a fan who came to see her, her eyes sparkle with a warm gaze.

Fans who have attended Red Velvet signing events say her beauty mixed with her kind treatment is almost too much to endure.

There are even times when Irene recognizes fans from previous fan signings and greets them first.

When a fan followed her to all the events by herself, she asked, “Oh no. Wasn’t that difficult? Wasn’t it scary?

And when she met fans from abroad who can’t speak fluent Korean, she spoke more clearly and showed more consideration.

Since Irene typically has a colder look, fans are shocked by the warmth in her eyes when they see her in person.

Do you see the honey dripping from her eyes?

Source: Insight

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