Fans Want To Know How Red Velvet’s Irene Can Look So Good 365 Days A Year

After seeing her latest visuals everyone wants to know the answer:

With 365 days in a year, it’s inevitable that at least one of those days will result in a bad hair day or dark circles from a sleepless night. But for Red Velvet‘s Irene, these days seem to simply not exist!


Irene recently attended the Longchamp LGP Pop-Up Opening. At the event, Irene’s visuals shone incredibly brightly and fans were blown away by just how beautiful Irene was!


Soon enough photos from the event started circulating online and soon everyone was wondering how Irene can look so flawless and ethereal every single time they see her!


But the answer is simple. She always looks so good because it’s Irene! In every photo, video, event, and simply out on the town Irene looks too perfect for words.


And with all the events and concerts Red Velvet has been blessing fans with lately, everyone is also getting a double blessing thanks to Irene’s stunning visuals!


Visuals, talent, and an amazing personality. Every moment with Irene is a true blessing!

Red Velvet