The Touching Story Behind Why Red Velvet Irene’s Favorite Color Is Purple

For Irene, true friendship means purple.

Red Velvet‘s Irene‘s favorite color is purple, and there’s a special reason why!


In an album dedication called “My Purple Friend,” Irene confessed that when she was in high school she couldn’t make friends easily.

She wasn’t outgoing enough, so she struggled to connect with the students around her.


But in her second year of high school, a new girl came into her class, and Irene got a good feeling from her.

Irene had a feeling from the beginning that this girl was… just good. She didn’t know why, she just knew.


One day, Irene didn’t have any gym clothes so this girl gave her clothes to borrow without hesitating at all! And that was when their friendship blossomed!

Irene’s social media post with a friend who isn’t the friend she’s talking about.

Irene had been with her other classmates for two years or more, but this new girl immediately offered her help.


They were in the same class for three years and became close friends. Irene is still very close to her!


…And low and behold, her friend’s favorite color was purple! So Irene decided to make purple her favorite color too!

“[I asked her,] ‘What’s your favorite color?’ She said, ‘Purple is good.’ So, since then, my favorite color has been purple too.” — Irene


Perhaps this was the reason why Irene colored her hair purple back in 2016 and completely rocked it!

Source: Instiz

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