Red Velvet’s Irene Lifts an Unwanted Ban from Her Fan Signing like the Boss She Is

“What kind of rule is that?” – Irene

The YouTube channel, Mera recently shared a video titled, “Irene Lifts the No Filming Ban“.

The shared video was filmed during a fan signing Red Velvet held at Starfield COEX Mall.

During the fan signing, Irene was told from fans that filming was banned to which she replied, “No filming allowed? What kind of rule is that?

She then announced, “Hurry up and film us! Isn’t that what fan signings are for?” to which fans cheered.

The fans then started chanting her real name, “Bae Joo Hyun” as if they were at an election campaign, not a fan signing.

Check out the full video below:



Source: Dispatch

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