Red Velvet’s Irene Shares Her Secret to Avoiding Hangovers After a Hard Night Out

Perhaps Irene’s cost-effective method is worth a try!

Hite Jinro recently shared a video of Red Velvet‘s Irene sharing her secret to avoiding hangovers the morning after drinking.

The video shows Irene flaunting her innocent doll-like visuals and showing off her pure gaze into the camera.

Irene shared, “I’m here to show you all a different side of Chamiseul after finishing my other activities.

When she was asked to share a tip to feel clean after a night of drinking, she answered, “It’s all about the snacks you have with it.

Irene advised, “I really like spicy rice cakes. If I fill my belly with sufficient spicy rice cakes before drinking, I’m less prone to a hangover the next morning.

Perhaps this delicious and cost-effective method is worth a try.

Source: Dispatch

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