Irene Bursts into Laughter in the Middle of Red Velvet’s Performance of “Red Flavor”

Irene burst into laughter because of something the audience did.

Red Velvet recently appeared on a broadcast of tvN’s 300 X2 where they spoke as the final musicians and even put on a special performance for the fans.

On the show, Irene showed her excitement by sharing, “We decided to come on this show because we like to dance and enjoy music with our fans.

Red Velvet then began their performance of “Red Flavor” which was the audience’s cue to show off what they had been practicing.

The audience put on various performances to the song and made Irene burst into laughter as a result.

They manipulated their outfits to make the audience redder and made Irene burst into even more laughter with their rapping.

It appeared that the other members were touched by the audience’s performance as well, and before wrapping up the show, Seulgi praised them by expressing, “That was one of the most memorable performances we’ve had.

Watch Red Velvet’s full collaboration with the audience below:

Source: Dispatch

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