Red Velvet Irene Nails Travel Chic In These Airport Photos

Casual, comfortable, but stylish as always.

Photos of Red Velvet traveling to a yet undisclosed location have hit the web and Irene has been impressing with her travel fashion choices.

Dressed in a comfortable pair of checkerboard slide-on Vans, ankle-length black pants, and a cozy camel-colored sweater, the singer has shown that she’s both fashionable and practical.

Irene’s slip-on shoes were a sensible choice as they’re easy to put on and take off because depending on the group’s destination, she may need to remove her shoes to go through security.

As planes tend to be very cold on the inside to keep travelers comfortable, her sweater was the perfect choice to keep her warm regardless of the duration of the flight. Additionally, because she wore long pants she won’t have to worry about using any blankets provided by the airline, which may not always be sanitary.

Despite her very pragmatic fashion choices, Irene looked chic and polished, as though she had just stepped out of a magazine photo shoot.

What do you think of Irene’s airport fashion?

Red Velvet