These Stunning New Photos of Irene Prove Why She’s Known as the Most Beautiful in K-Pop

Absolutely stunning.

The female fashion magazine, Vogue recently shared pictorial shots of Red Velvet‘s Irene, which is included in their April issue.


In the shared photos, Irene looked especially dazzling in beautiful outfits and captivating poses.

What’s particularly eye-catching is the mysterious and refined image Irene flaunted for the shoot.

She showed off her unchanging beauty while pulling off various outfits including one that exposed her shoulders.

Her long hairstyle gave her look an elegant touch, and her sexy gaze is absolutely entrancing.

In addition to all of this, Irene’s pale skin and flawless facial characteristics make it clear why she’s known as the top beauty among K-Pop idols.

Check out a few more gorgeous shots of Irene below:


Source: Insight

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