Here’s How Red Velvet’s Irene Reacted To TWICE Nayeon’s Love Confession

Warning: Beware of cuteness beyond compare!

The cutest interaction between Red Velvet’s Irene and TWICE’s Nayeon happened during the Idol Star Athletic Championships!

Warning: Beware of cuteness beyond compare!

As Irene was passing by, Nayeon called out to her.

Irene stopped to face Nayeon, and…

Nayeon adorably confessed her love to Irene by surprising her with a finger-heart!

Irene burst into the happiest smile, filling the whole stadium with joy!

Nayeon went on to cutely confess her love for the rest of her Red Velvet friends!

We totally ship the Narene (Nayeon+Irene)!

Watch Nayeon confess her love to Irene below: