Red Velvet’s Irene Is So Beautiful, People Can’t Believe She’s Turning 29 In 2020

Eternal beauty.

Recently, Red Velvet released their 2020 Seasons Greetings, and people can’t believe how gorgeous Irene looks in the photos. Fans and netizens alike can’t believe that she’s turning 29 (30 in Korea!) next year.

She’s a true beauty, with a high nose bridge, sparkling eyes, and a small face. The idol is known to be older than all her members, but people can barely tell because she looks just as young as them.

Irene has always been praised for her timeless beauty, it’s hard to believe she’s in her late-20s. But it doesn’t matter, because Irene exudes youthful energy and with Red Velvet’s concept, she can show-off both her mature and bright sides.

Her face is amazing.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Pann

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