Red Velvet’s Irene Gives Fans a Way to Drink Alone Without Actually Feeling Alone

Irene as a drinking buddy? Yes, please!

If you’ve ever felt like drinking alone but never did because it was too boring, Red Velvet‘s Irene has given fans a new way to drink alone without feeling lonely.

Chamisul recently shared a short advertisement on their official Instagram account featuring Irene acting like a friendly drinking buddy with a southern dialect.

The video starts off with a video call coming in from Irene. As soon as the call is answered, Irene shows up on the screen with a full glass of soju in her hands. She then uses a southern dialect to say, “Are you sure that’s clean? Do you want to join me for a clean glass of Chamisul?

Irene then clinks glasses with the viewer while saying chanting, “Oppa, cheers. Unnie, cheers.” When she clinks glasses with the viewer, it even sounds like you’re clinking glasses every time she pushes the glass toward the screen.

Clink glasses with Irene in her new advertisement below:

Source: Insight

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