Red Velvet’s Irene Soothes The Soul As She Tries Something New In Her Newest YouTube Video

Who knew camping could be so aesthetic? 😍

Red Velvet‘s Irene uploaded to Red Velvet’s official YouTube channel with the first episode of a new series called “First Time,” where she said she will be experiencing new things in new places!

Irene decided to film these experiences like a vlog to share with ReVeluvs on YouTube. The first episode was uploaded on November 28th of this year (2021) and we saw Irene take a solo trip as she drove to Daebudo, a city outside of Seoul, to go camping.

You can really tell that Irene wanted to be present, while also making sure viewers were entertained while on this trip. She started off with (of course) some McDonald’s french fries and a coke, and what’s a road trip without some tunes?

The “Monster” singer had amazing lighting in the car, but of course we think that’s also because her visuals are so strong that any lighting would’ve made her look beautiful.

Her calm, serene voice also gave the vlog an overall sense of healing with ASMR vibes.

She shared her nerves about the trip, but quickly found her groove as she talked about the menu she planned for herself on this camping trip. When you have tomahawk steak, ramen, and tteokbokki planned, there’s really no choice but to get excited right?

Even though Irene was worried she wouldn’t do a good job, we know fans loved watching her vibe out to Red Velvet tracks as she sang along to some of her favorite tunes like fellow member JOY‘s “Hello.”


Irene continues the vlog with some beautiful landscapes, pretty flowers, and breathtaking views. When she finally arrives at the campsite, she has a little bit of trouble putting the tent together, but eventually gets it done and it looks like something straight out of a K-drama with pretty lights and cute table settings!

She shows off her cooking skills with some tteokbokki and even seems shocked at the successful steak she cooked up for herself.

The vlog goes on with some more healing moments as Irene talks to viewers in her calm voice and eventually ends the vlog. We know ReVeluvs loved every minute of the first episode of Irene’s “First Time” series!

Be sure to watch Irene’s “First Time” series below.

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