Red Velvet Irene spotted in a completely new hairstyle in Christmas greeting

Red Velvet recently released their 2016 Christmas greeting and Irene has a new adorable hairstyle.

It’s the holiday season and many idols are leaving Christmas greetings for their fans. This year Red Velvet did it a little differently by having a party with fans through videos. But Irene, in particular, was really adorable with her new hairstyle.


Look how excited she is!
Wonder what’s in her stocking.
What is she playing with?
That burger is way too big for her.
She makes selfies look so natural.
She makes the most adorable faces.
Saying hello to her fans.
I wonder what caught her attention.
Looking way too cute and blowing a kiss.

If you still can’t get enough of Red Velvet, check out all of the members together in the full video of their Christmas greeting below.