Red Velvet’s Irene Was Simply Asked to Film a Vlog but What She Ended up Doing Was Showcase Her Gorgeous Face

It’s a very good vlog.

Irene recently uploaded a vlog on Red Velvet‘s official YouTube account and disturbed the balance of the YouTube ecosystem with her beautiful face.

The shared video shows Irene’s trip abroad for work schedule purposes, and it allows all fans to admire her beauty from the moment she got on the plane to when she went to bed.

In the vlog, she did all sorts of everyday things while gracing her fans with her lovable personality as well as her unrealistic visuals.

As expected from the goddess of K-Pop, Irene looked absolutely flawless regardless of lighting, angles, or what position she was in.

What made Irene shine even more was the fact that most of the shots during the vlog were close-ups as she did simple things such as put on makeup and ride her kickboard.

Only Irene can turn a simple vlog into an unintentional pictorial highlighting her unmatched beauty.

Watch Irene’s full vlog below:


Source: Insight

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