Red Velvet’s Irene is always seen wearing this same shirt

Fans have noticed that Red Velvet‘s Irene has a strong attachment to this Mickey Mouse shirt.

Irene has been spotted wearing this striped Mickey Mouse shirt multiple times, leading many to believe that she either really loves Mickey Mouse or just really enjoys wearing this shirt.

She’s been spotted wearing the striped Mickey Mouse shirt since their debut two years ago, as she is seen with her dyed hair from “Happiness”.


Irene used to rock a Dip Dye hairstyle during the Happiness era.

She has also been spotted wearing it more recently, as is evident by hair different hairstyles.

The Mickey Mouse logo cannot be seen here but it’s fairly obvious that it’s the same shirt by looking at its stripes.

It’s been two years, but Irene can still be seen wearing the shirt in the Rookie Dance Practice video which was recently recorded this month.