If Red Velvet’s Irene And Wendy Had A Child, It Would Be This Idol

Can you guess who it is?

Red Velvet is a group as famous for their visuals as they are for their talents.


Fans have found out that if you put together Irene‘s and Wendy‘s faces, a specific idol would come out and combine their ultimate visuals.

This is none other than Dreamnote‘s Youi!


The leader of her group, she debuted in 2018 alongside Mixnine‘s 3rd place winner Soomin.

They are known for their fresh concepts and well-rounded talents.


Youi may not be the group’s main visual, but she can certainly hold her own.


Her nose and smile are said to match Irene’s and her eyes look similar to Wendy’s.


The particular image that started the comparison came from a dance cover segment that Dreamnote participated in.


Fans can definitely see the resemblance!

Red Velvet