Here’s Why Red Velvet’s Irene Had a Huge Wound on Her Neck

And that wasn’t the only wound she had.

Red Velvet‘s Irene once stepped onto the stage with a big bandage on her neck and deeply worried her fans. In response to the overwhelming curiosity of fans, Irene explained the cause of the wound herself.

On an episode of Level Up Project Season 3 that aired last October, Red Velvet was filmed having a fan meeting, where a fan saw a big bandage on Irene’s neck, and asked, “How did you get that wound?

When the fans started to get more and more worried, fellow Red Velvet members told Irene to hurry up and tell them how it happened.

Irene then went on to explain, “I went to the supermarket, and it seemed like the dog was on a leash when I looked at him from far away. But when I got closer, I realized he wasn’t.

She said the dog started running toward her, and she was so startled that she scratched her own neck with her fingernails.

Seulgi, who was listening to the story as well, pointed at another wound and said, “She has wounds here, too.” In response, Irene explained, “These are all wounds. They started oozing, so I had a hard time sleeping because they were itchy.

When fans heard this, they expressed concern for Irene and stressed the importance of keeping dogs on a leash.

Source: Insight

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