Red Velvet Irene’s new hair color for “Russian Roulette” has fans falling for her again

Red Velvet‘s Irene rocks the stage in “Russian Roulette” comeback.

On September 6th, SM Entertainment‘s popular girl group Red Velvet released its 3rd mini album Russian Roulette. The new single has been dominating the Korean music charts since its release. The music video for “Russian Roulette” has also curated a lot of attention online due to its funky and cool style.

New stage photos of member Irene showcase her effortless style and beauty. Her star shaped earrings are amazing!

What marks the group’s “Russian Roulette” interesting is the group’s complete transformation as they each underwent a hair color change with Irene’s getting the attention with her new gray-purple color. Her new hair color seems to highlight her natural beauty even more causing fans to fall in love with her all over again.

Check out some new shots of Irene, Red Velvet’s fearless leader!

Irene RV1

Irene RV2

Irene RV3

Irene RV4

Irene RV5

Irene RV6

Source: Pann