Red Velvet Irene’s Pre-Debut Pictures Prove She’s Always Been Gorgeous

I wish I looked like that in high school 😢

Red Velvet‘s Irene has once again become a hot topic on social media⁠—this time for her stunning pre-debut visuals.

In the first picture that was shared by a fan, Irene is a little girl wearing the most adorable red dress and floral hat. Even at this young age, she was already very pretty!

The next picture shows Irene smiling as she wears a hanbok, which is the traditional Korean attire. Her hair is done up in an intricate bun, making her look even more lovely than usual.

Irene has grown up a bit in this picture, and she is already starting to resemble the Irene we know and love today.

Here, she appears to be in high school, taking pictures and having fun with her friends. How cute is she with her bangs and giraffe headband?

Finally, this compilation of Irene’s pre-debut pictures really show off her pretty features growing up. She’s always been a visual!

Source: Nate

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