Red Velvet’s Joy Attacked Everyone As The Ending Fairy For Their “Music Core” Stage

Joy’s ending fairy moment is everything!

Red Velvet recently made their comeback with “Zimzalabim” and have been leaving everyone feeling very breathless with their music show performances. But there was one part in particular from their Music Core performance that drove fans wild.


At the end of music show performances, there’s usually one member that fulfills the role of the ending fairy, and during Music Core, Joy was the one that took on the role!


When Joy struck her pose, the camera zoomed in and she stared out with a serious expression before breaking out one of her signature heart-melting smiles.


Although the full ending pose moment was only 4-seconds long, Joy left many fans feeling seriously attacked.


With her gorgeous smile, Joy was able to reign supreme as the ending fairy. See her perform the move in full effect in the video below.

Red Velvet