Red Velvet’s Joy Dishes On The “Awkward” Transition Of Going From The Oldest In Her Family To The Youngest In The Group

From unnie to maknae!

 Red Velvet‘s Joy recently sat down for an interview with W Korea where she discussed several intriguing facts about herself!

During her interview, Joy shared the transition she had to go through at the start of Red Velvet.

Before her fellow member Yeri (Red Velvet’s maknae) joined later after their debut, Joy was the youngest out of all the members. While Joy is the oldest in her family back home, when she first joined the group, Joy was the youngest of Red Velvet. According to Joy, his transformation was quite “Awkward.”

Actually, going from being the oldest at home to suddenly being the youngest is really awkward.

— Joy

Joy explained that since she had always been the oldest at home, she didn’t know how to act around her older members.

I didn’t know how to act around the older girls. Since I’m the oldest at home, I always take care of people and do things independently.

— Joy

Furthermore, Joy stated that while she found the change awkward, she now loves having her older members take care of her during hard times!

At first it was awkward but now I have older sisters who take care of me when I struggle. So being the youngest has its advantages.

— Joy

Not to mention, if Joy ever misses being an older sister, she always has Yeri around!

Check out the video below:

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