The Female K-Pop Idol Whose Features Are So Unreal, She’s Like An Anime Character Come To Life

She looks just like these characters!

When people start comparing someone to an anime character, you know their visuals are on a whole new level. The K-Pop industry is full of beautiful people, but netizens singled out Red Velvet‘s Joy for looking like she came straight out of an anime!


The “Birthday” singer has stunning features, boasting large eyes, full lips, and flawless skin. “Her face looks like a real version of an anime, for real,” fans commented.

And they were right! The singer-actress bears a resemblance to many characters. With straight hair and bangs, she looks like Sawako Kuronuma from the famous romance manga Kimi ni Todoke.

When her hair is styled in waves, she looks similar to Nezuko from the hit series Demon Slayer.

And when her hair is blonde and she’s rocking bangs, she looks just like Marin Kitagawa from the beloved My Dress-Up Darling. Her versatility knows no bounds!

With such jaw-dropping beauty, it wouldn’t be a surprise if studios start using Joy as inspiration for their next anime series. Speaking of anime characters, check out more K-Pop idols who look like one here:

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Source: Pann Nate

Red Velvet

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