Red Velvet’s Joy Ran Off The Stage After Fireworks Went Off

She looked terrified.

Red Velvet‘s Joy worried fans after she ran off the stage when the fireworks went off after a recent performance.

On May 11, Red Velvet attended the Iseul Live Festival held in Jaraseom Island in Gapyeong.


On this day, Red Velvet performed their hit songs including “Red Flavor”, “Power Up” and “RBB (Really Bad Boy)”.


During their “RBB” performance, Joy looked as stunning as always.


When the music came to an end and fireworks began to go off, however, Joy could be seen covering her ears and turning around, looking as if she was very frightened.


She eventually ran off the stage and hid in the corner, continuing to cover ears.


She stayed in the corner for a long while after the fireworks went off.


Joy later shared a post on Red Velvet’s official Instagram, explaining what happened and apologizing to fans for causing them to worry.

Luvies, I’m posting this because I wanted to say that I’m sorry. After seeing fireworks go off in front of my eyes in the past, I’m very afriad of fireworks and today I wasn’t expecting (the fireworks) and I even heard ringing in my ears so I ended up going in without even saying goodbye…I’m sorry…I’m fine now!! I’m so sorry to cause you worry…I want to do well on each performance but when I’m faced with an unexpected situation, I feel like I’m not able to handle it professionally and I don’t like myself for this…I will harden my mind and make an effort so that such things don’t happen again in the future!! I’m sorry.

ㅡ Joy


Watch the clip below:


Source: Dispatch

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