Red Velvet’s Joy, IZ*ONE’s Minju, Or DIA’s Chaeyeon? Fans Can’t Tell Which Idol This Is

Did you guess right?

One idol snap recently attracted attention on Korean social platforms after netizens struggled to work out who exactly is in the photo.

Take a look at this recently resurfaced photo and try to guess which idol is pictured here.

Covering her face and boasting a beautiful half-moon eye smile, there’s no doubt this star is gorgeous. But who is it? If you guessed Red Velvet‘s Joy, IZ*ONE‘s Minju, or DIA‘s Chaeyeon, you’re in the same boat as Korean netizens.

Red Velvet’s Joy

The photo recently went viral on social platforms for bearing a striking resemblance to all three idols. From the thick, dark locks to the perfectly sculpted features, this picture somehow seems to look like Joy, Minju, and Chaeyeon all at the same time.

IZ*ONE’s Minju

This isn’t the first time this photo has made the rounds, but each time, fans are left just as baffled.

DIA’s Chaeyeon

But thankfully, the snap isn’t a complete enigma. There is a definitive answer to which idol is pictured here, but the answer may surprise you…

It’s Red Velvet’s Joy! Did you guess correctly? Numerous netizens who saw the photo admitted they could have sworn it was Minju or Chaeyeon. After seeing the picture, many fans also noted how they never realized how similar these three stars look before.

The confusing image in question is a screenshot from MBC‘s We Got Married, a show Joy appeared on alongside BtoB‘s Sungjae in 2016. Her characteristic fresh visuals are definitely evident once you know she’s the one in the photo, but it’s certainly hard to tell at first glance.

Source: Insight