Red Velvet’s Joy And Idol-Version Kang Ho Dong Are Now The Hottest Duo In K-Pop

She gave him an idol makeover.

In a recent episode of Knowing Bros, Red Velvet‘s Joy gave show host Kang Ho Dong a K-Pop idol makeover. With the visual booster, Kang Ho Dong – who then playfully identified himself as EXO-LARGE’s Kay – and Joy became the industry’s biggest, baddest co-ed unit!


Joy pointed out that MONSTA X‘s Wonho was the inspiration behind Kang Ho Dong’s brand new idol look.

Doesn’t he look like an idol though? I tried to base the entire look off MONSTA X’s latest style.

— Joy


And like all idol make-up artists do, she also used glittery eye shadow to make sure that Kang Ho Dong’s face is glowing in the spotlight.


And to closely follow the hottest trend in the K-Pop world, Joy added a beauty mark under Kang Ho Dong’s eyes!

It’s a trend in the idol world to make fake beauty marks. So I gave him one right by his eye there…

— Joy


Finally, she commented on how she gave him a hipster hair color without ruining the actual condition of his hair! Other show hosts and guests were intrigued by Kang Ho Dong’s cool ashy blue hair color and took note of Joy’s top hair tip!

Now there are color waxes that idols can use. Dying really damages idols’ hair conditions, but these can change the hair color in five minutes.

— Joy


And with the complete makeover, Kang Ho Dong was reborn as Kay from EXO-LARGE. The duo showed off their team work by dancing to EXO’s “Love Shot” and simply climbed to the top of K-Pop’s best duo list!

Give us some music!

— Joy


Red Velvet fans thoroughly enjoyed Joy and Kang Ho Dong’s interaction on the show. They can’t wait to see more of the Joy X Kay unit!

Watch the full clip below:

Red Velvet