Red Velvet’s Joy Rocks the “I Just Got out of the Shower” Look for Dazed Korea

She was in her element.

Red Velvet‘s Joy recently modeled for Dazed Korea looking absolutely captivating in Alexander McQueen pieces.

What stood out about this shoot was that it gave Joy an opportunity to show off a very new and special side of herself that she has yet to let out in past pictorials.


In the photos, Joy can be seen posing with wet hair and giving off a whole lot of sensual charms.


While wearing outfits that revealed her collarbone, Joy flaunted decadent and mysterious expressions on her face that are enough to draw just about anyone’s attention.


In contrast to other shoots, this one seems to convey a true self that is finally coming out from within, rather than simply highlighting her unquestionable beauty.

More shots of Joy’s new look as well as her truthful interview will be revealed in the May issue of Dazed Korea.

Source: Insight

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