Red Velvet’s Joy Once Cried Her Eyes Out In Front Of Lovelyz’s Yein For This Reason

What a sweetheart!

In the latest episode of Knowing Bros, Red Velvet‘s Joy talked about a time she cried her heart out in front of Lovelyz‘s Yein. The show hosts tried to guess what may have happened between the two idols…


… and eventually Joy spilled the details. It all began when the two of them got to know each other better, as they appeared on another TV series, Get It Beauty, together.

We didn’t really know each other before we went on the show together.

— Joy


For Joy, who hasn’t had much chance to interact with “hoobae” – or junior – girl group members before, Yein immediately felt like a sister. Joy couldn’t help but start to feel attached to Yein…

I remembered when I was Yein’s age. I worked hard too, but she was working harder than I ever did. I fell in love with how professional she was on set. She seemed like a strong girl.

— Joy


… and as the friendship developed over time, Joy came to deeply care for Yein. She also realized Yein was the type to keep her feelings hidden well. That broke Joy’s heart and made her want to “protect” Yein.

She had her soft sides too though. I noticed she doesn’t show a lot of her own emotions. That kind of made me keep my eyes on her.

— Joy


Then one night, when they went out to grab drinks together – and the alcohol worked its magic – Joy ended up ugly-crying in front of Yein as she confessed her love for their friendship.

I feel like I don’t really know how to be a good sunbae, so to speak. I always felt bad that I’m not supporting her well enough. So when we got alcohol in our systems, I became too honest and emotional… and all of that came out. I told her I’m always looking out for her and just started bawling.

— Joy


While Yein did make fun of Joy for ugly-crying in front of everyone, she most definitely  appreciated the sunbae-idol Joy for becoming a good friend, a strong sister, and a solid support system for her!

Yein burst into laughter when I started crying though. The next day she sent me a picture of what I looked like that night. My eyelashes had fallen off and stuck on my cheeks and I was crying like this…

— Joy


Both Red Velvet and Lovelyz fans are touched by their interaction and look forward to seeing them keep the sisterhood going strong for years to come!

Watch the full clip here: