Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals Her Makeup Cleansing Routine, Showing Off Her Glass Skin

Her routine is excellent for people who are on a tight schedule.

Red Velvet‘s Joy is well known for having stunning visuals and an uncanny ability to always look camera ready.

Red Velvet’s Joy | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

One of the things that helps her stand out so much is her undeniably flawless skin!

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Unsurprisingly, one of the questions fans often ask is how she would look barefaced. Joy had no problem answering this question in her 2022 birthday vlog! In it, she took her fans, ReVeluvs, through her nightly cleansing routine.

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First, she introduced the two products she would mainly use: athé‘s pink vita deep cleansing balm and their pink vita foaming cleanser. Both are vegan, although Joy did not specify whether that was intentional.

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Joy also shared that she usually has a longer routine, but since she was too tired and busy, she only brought out the essentials. Before using anything, she cutely removed her eye makeup using cleansing wipes.

Fair warning, Joy advised against using cleansing wipes to remove all makeup, even in a rush, since it tends to make the skin rougher. Instead, she recommended applying cleansing water using a cotton pad or cleansing tissue and washing your face with cleansing foam. She was careful not to aggravate her skin since it became more sensitive from sunlight exposure, something many fans can relate to!

Next, Joy applied the cleansing balm to her face, massaging it thoroughly and evenly, not missing a single spot.

After that, start the emulsification process using water before finishing with cleansing foam!

The big reveal! Out of the darkness emerged the radiant Joy, looking lovely with her flawless, healthy glowing skin!

Last but not least, quickly apply lotion to the face. Joy is so dedicated to her skin that she abandoned the camera to finish her routine!

The nerve to apologize for her eyebrows! While she was looking so good? There was no need.

It’s a wonder why Joy was shy about revealing herself barefaced. She looks incredible! The life of an idol truly never stops as they need to maintain their health and beauty constantly.

Watch Joy’s full 2022 birthday blog below, including cameos from the other Red Velvet members and SM artists!

Source: Red Velvet/YouTube

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