Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals Her Secret To Taking Stunning Photos

She’s gorgeous.

Red Velvet‘s Joy recently participated in a stunning pictorial and interview with W Korea. During her interview, Joy dished on her top tips to always taking gorgeous photos!

Q: Joy’s tips for taking great photos?

I think it’s best to be natural in photos. I tend to think if you wear something that matches the weather and the feel of that day it’ll turn out good.

— Joy

Another cute secret Joy shared that her mom is often the mastermind behind her stunning photos! Despite her mom’s help, Joy admitted it’s a bit of a struggle sometimes.

I ask my mom to take a lot of photos. Sometimes the proportions don’t look right.

— Joy

Joy went into more detail and explained how she and her mom finally get the best angel!

If you center the face on the camera, your legs will look longer! I tell her if she puts my face at the top, I look like a cucumber so please keep my face at the center. Then she takes it well. I don’t have any secrets but I do remind her of that often.

— Joy

As for the most memorable photo from her pictorial with W Korea, Joy shared it was the first photo that impressed her the most!

I remember the first one…I’ve done a lot of photoshoots lately but I was surprised because it felt new. So I remember the first photo. Even later, there were some things I haven’t done before, so I feel really proud today and really thankful for the staff.

— Joy

Check out the video below:

Red Velvet