Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals Where She Wants Travel To Once The Pandemic Is Over

“Everything was so picturesque.”

Red Velvet‘s Joy recently did a beautiful pictorial for W Korea! Along with her pictorial, Joy also sat down for a quick fun interview.

During her interview, Joy was asked where she’d like to travel to once the pandemic is over. Surprisingly, Joy chose a location she had already traveled to but expressed it was so beautiful she wanted to go back!

Q: When we can, where do you want to travel to?

I really want to go back to Switzerland. I went with our members. Everything was so picturesque. The place I most remember was like heaven.

— Joy

Joy went into further details and shared exactly what made her think of Switzerland as heaven. According to Joy, it was the weather that created the image of heaven in her eyes!

It was raining and the weather was bad but climbing to the top, I could see the clouds floating right in front of me. I really thought this is what heaven would look like. So I definitely want to go back there.

— Joy

Check out Joy’s interview with W Korea below:

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