Red Velvet Joy reveals the hardest part about being an idol and actress

Red Velvet‘s Joy is soon to debut in her first drama, The Liar and His Lover, but she recently revealed the hardships she faced while working on the show.

Joy was excited to announce that she will be debuting in her first drama, tvN’s The Liar and the Lover, in a leading role. She revealed during a press conference, however, some of the worries she had while preparing for this drama.

She was worried that because Red Velvet had recently made their comeback with “Rookie”, she would be unable to do great both in the comeback and acting due to the stress of balancing her schedule.

Thankfully, her group members and staff all considered her position and made the accommodations for her. The Red Velvet members were incredibly supportive and encouraging during her time of acting and singing.

You can watch all of the trailers for Joy’s new show, airing March 20, below.