Red Velvet’s Joy Sets a New Standard for Sexy in a Skin-Tight Leopard Dress

Joy’s sexy charisma is out of this world.

Red Velvet‘s official YouTube account shared a video of a “Zimzalabim” flashmob dance that included 500 dancers in addition to the Red Velvet members.

All 5 members of Red Velvet absolutely killed the choreography, but Joy looked especially sexy in her tight leopard dress as shown in the close-up cam video that was uploaded soon afterward.

The video shows Joy looking gorgeous as usual while showing off her curves in a beautiful leopard dress.

Both Joy’s impressive dancing ability and sexy figure make it very difficult to look away.

What especially stands out is the fact that while Joy shows off her sexy side, she also manages to flaunt her innocence through her contagious smile.

Whether it’s the dress or Joy herself that’s responsible for how addicting the video is, what’s for certain is that Joy is an idol with many different charms.

Watch Joy’s close-up cam footage below:

Red Velvet

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