Red Velvet’s Joy Bursts Into Tears As She Opens Up About Wendy

Joy cares for her memebrs a lot.

Red Velvet recently held their concert and during one of the ment sessions, where they get to talk to their fans, Joy opened up about her love for Wendy.

She shared that Wendy texted her just before the concert started, and sent her a heartwarming, yet at the same time, a very heartbreaking message. Since Wendy is still unable to join the rest of her members on stage as she is still in the process of healing, she texted Joy to “Do well in my stead.”

Joy opened up and told fans that she wanted to give her best, however, she kept thinking about the text message that Wendy sent her and always thought about Wendy at the back of her mind and shared that the situation is difficult for her and the members. She also added that performing up beat songs was difficult because what she felt was very contrast to how the song should be performed, happy and with lots of energy.

Joy mentioned that Wendy has always been one of her sources of strength, and that her and the rest of the members worked hard to fill up for Wendy. She made sure to also thank her fans for the continuous cheers that they have been sending them.

Honestly, the fact that Wendy unnie who has always been my mental pillar is not here is difficult for me. Even so, like today, the four of us worked hard to fill Wendy unnie’s empty space. Thank you so much for continuing to cheer us on.

While talking about Wendy, Joy couldn’t help but cry because of how much she missed her and how difficult and emotional the situation is for Wendy, the group, and of course their Reveluvs.

Seulgi came to Joy’s rescue and comforted her while she burst her heart open.

Joy opened her heart out about Wendy, and it is clear just how much she loves and cares for her member. Reveluvs are continuing to send their warm hearts and support to the group especially in this time when they need it the most.

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