Red Velvet Joy Told Fans She’s Feeling Depressed

Red Velvet‘s Joy confessed she was feeling a little depressed on her Instagram, and fans were quick to send her messages of love and support.

On Red Velvet’s official Instagram, Joy shared a screenshot of the song she was listening to and revealed her honest emotions and feelings with her fans.

“It’s Friday night. To someone, it may be an exciting Friday night, but to others it could be a time to become sentimental.

Currently, I’m feeling calm, sentimental, and a little depressed. So I gifted myself this song haha.

I’m also gifting this song to our fans who may have been hurt by others or are exhausted by everyday responsibilities.

I hope you truly listen to your heart and always stay happy. #redvelvet #joy #brianmcknight #everything #fridaynight”

— Red Velvet’s Joy

Although she didn’t reveal why she was feeling depressed, fans didn’t pry and made sure to leave encouraging and loving comments to help her feel better.